Wishing and Dreaming

29 Nov

I love the holiday season. And I’m really ready for it this year because I’m ready for this semester to be over. So in my procrastination and time when I should be productive with school work, I’ve been looking at all things related to the holidays.

– perfect new years nail polish!

– this is just a random chicken pot pie recipe that looked delicious

– I’ve been baking a lot lately, well I guess lately is the past year and a half..haha…but my mixer is starting to die. It has one speed, fast, and starts to burn up and smell bad. Its a really old handheld mixer that I inherited from my mom. My dream would be a Kitchen aid mixer. I love the steel aqua color, so vintage. But I may have to settle for something more reasonably priced or even dirt cheap (although I’m not sure how long this poor thing would last in my kitchen!) for now and I’ll just dream about the day that I’ll own a stand mixer…

– favorite christmas albums right now: She & Him and Justin Beiber

Red Velvet Pancakes with chocolate chips! like i’m drooling here…


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