Pinterest and Photoshoots

17 Nov

I realized yesterday that the formatting of my blog is messed up. Not sure how to fix this but I apologize for the inconvenience. is an amazing invention. Its the procrastinating college girls’ dream! If you’re not on it, get on it. Its basically an online corkboard where you can post ideas in different categories, share things with your friends, and look at ideas from random people that you don’t know. It almost gives me justification for all the blogs I follow 🙂

Since I don’t have a lot of immediate work I need to be doing and I’m 24 hours away from being on Thanksgiving break, I spend a lot of time on pinterest 🙂 I look at it at home, while watching tv with my roommate, on campus, during breaks in between classes, and at work with my coworkers and we get into funny discussions about things that we find. I also have my Christmas list on pinterest. Its awesome! Ok, I’m done with my pinterest rant now…

On another note, fun and exciting things are going on in my life. I’ve been hired a few times this month for photoshoots. (If you’re reading this and think, ‘I need to get some inexpensive family Christmas/Holiday photos taken or I have a senior in high school/college that I would love to have some photos taken for their graduation,’ let me know because I’m inexpensive and almost done with my semester so I’ll have time to shoot and edit 🙂 ) I was able to do a two part graduation session with one of my closest friends in the beautiful fall setting of North Campus and we had a lot of fun (photos to follow but here’s a sneak peek!)

isn't she pretty!!!

the leaves were gorgeous!!!

I also had another excuse to bake last night 🙂 (not that I actually need an excuse). We’re having our annual Thanksgiving potluck at work today so I made the incredible chocolate cake from the Snickers cupcakes with a coffee frosting. I think they will be delightful 🙂

– my obsession with glitter!!! is a full glitter dress too much?!

– cool website for cupcake liners

– another awesome baking website

– you should go check out my friend Marilisa’s blog

thats all for now…hope you’re having a fantastic thursday!


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