1 Nov

Eventually I will go back in time and post all the things I missed. But for now, I want to share about my Fall Break, which is really only one day off but still it was one day I didn’t have to go to my comm law class (which by the way, I made an A on the test I was freaking out about last week 🙂 MAJOR accomplishment).

My original plan for fall break was to go down to Jacksonville for the GA/FL game but my plans fell through so one of my closest friends, Amelia, and I decided to have a girls weekend in the Atlanta area. Well it started out with a fun girls only birthday party in Athens. We did our nails, painted cards and watched Baby Mama. I passed around my new glitter nail polish that I’m now obsessed with. It reminds me of New Years, which I can’t wait for! And I got to skype which is always fun 🙂

Friday, we took advantage of the break and slept in. Left Athens around 12:30 and headed up to the mountains in Dahlonega, GA to go winetasting at Frogtown Vineyards. It was absolutely gorgeous outside and finally felt like fall. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves…


I'm obsessed with vineyards!

What a great view!

She's so cute!

we were being silly, twirling through the vineyards and skipping around


It was so fun just hanging out with Amelia and planning fun things for next semester. I’m really grateful for how close we’ve become in the last few weeks.

After that, we headed to Roswell to spend the weekend at my dad’s house. It was the perfect getaway. We got to hang out and talk with Peggy, go shopping at the Avenue, watch Georgia finally beat Florida on my Dad’s fancy new 60-inch tv and go out to eat at Inc. with my parents. We also got to see old friends like Carly and Lauren at church and have lunch with Lauren. We miss her so much! It was the perfect, relaxing weekend. And although it would have been a great memory celebrating with all the Georgia fans in Jacksonville, I have no regrets.


And that brings us to yesterday. It was seriously the best Monday ever. I found out I made A’s in both my test and my how-to story. All that hard work is finally paying off. And I got to wear one of my new outfits. I’m not normally an outfit post kind of person but thanks to Peggy and Amelia, I found new stylish clothes for work that I’m really excited about.

Top: Loft, Skirt: Loft, Tights: no idea, probably target or some department store; Shoes: Rocket Dog

I've never owned a pencil skirt, its a pretty big deal!

In comm law, we had a Halloween costume contest that due to work I did not take place it but thats all we did in class and got out early which has NEVER happened before. Work was pleasant and I had a great time with God, continuing to learn about peace and how righteousness gives us peace which leads to joy.

Jessica and I went to the gym for a spontaneous workout and now my arms feel like they may fall off but it feels good. And I got to bake with Gayle. Made some orange-dyed almond cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. Baking always makes my day good 🙂 (I’ll post pics later)

Have a great week! Only 18 days til Thanksgiving Break 😀


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  1. Marilisa November 1, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    So cute Jordan! Love the pencil skirt 🙂

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