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New Blog

29 Nov

So, I’m here for my last post to inform y’all that I’m fed up with wordpress and how messed up my blog has been lately so I’m moving on and using blogger. I’m revamping my blog, the purpose of it and after some procrastination from studying – I know, not surprising – I have finished it. So check it out! Hope you all follow me on my move 🙂


Wishing and Dreaming

29 Nov

I love the holiday season. And I’m really ready for it this year because I’m ready for this semester to be over. So in my procrastination and time when I should be productive with school work, I’ve been looking at all things related to the holidays.

– perfect new years nail polish!

– this is just a random chicken pot pie recipe that looked delicious

– I’ve been baking a lot lately, well I guess lately is the past year and a half..haha…but my mixer is starting to die. It has one speed, fast, and starts to burn up and smell bad. Its a really old handheld mixer that I inherited from my mom. My dream would be a Kitchen aid mixer. I love the steel aqua color, so vintage. But I may have to settle for something more reasonably priced or even dirt cheap (although I’m not sure how long this poor thing would last in my kitchen!) for now and I’ll just dream about the day that I’ll own a stand mixer…

– favorite christmas albums right now: She & Him and Justin Beiber

Red Velvet Pancakes with chocolate chips! like i’m drooling here…

Pinterest and Photoshoots

17 Nov

I realized yesterday that the formatting of my blog is messed up. Not sure how to fix this but I apologize for the inconvenience. is an amazing invention. Its the procrastinating college girls’ dream! If you’re not on it, get on it. Its basically an online corkboard where you can post ideas in different categories, share things with your friends, and look at ideas from random people that you don’t know. It almost gives me justification for all the blogs I follow 🙂

Since I don’t have a lot of immediate work I need to be doing and I’m 24 hours away from being on Thanksgiving break, I spend a lot of time on pinterest 🙂 I look at it at home, while watching tv with my roommate, on campus, during breaks in between classes, and at work with my coworkers and we get into funny discussions about things that we find. I also have my Christmas list on pinterest. Its awesome! Ok, I’m done with my pinterest rant now…

On another note, fun and exciting things are going on in my life. I’ve been hired a few times this month for photoshoots. (If you’re reading this and think, ‘I need to get some inexpensive family Christmas/Holiday photos taken or I have a senior in high school/college that I would love to have some photos taken for their graduation,’ let me know because I’m inexpensive and almost done with my semester so I’ll have time to shoot and edit 🙂 ) I was able to do a two part graduation session with one of my closest friends in the beautiful fall setting of North Campus and we had a lot of fun (photos to follow but here’s a sneak peek!)

isn't she pretty!!!

the leaves were gorgeous!!!

I also had another excuse to bake last night 🙂 (not that I actually need an excuse). We’re having our annual Thanksgiving potluck at work today so I made the incredible chocolate cake from the Snickers cupcakes with a coffee frosting. I think they will be delightful 🙂

– my obsession with glitter!!! is a full glitter dress too much?!

– cool website for cupcake liners

– another awesome baking website

– you should go check out my friend Marilisa’s blog

thats all for now…hope you’re having a fantastic thursday!

Wedding Wednesday: The Beginning

16 Nov

Have you seen that movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl? Well, my friends joke that that is me…

So I’m going to copy the many bloggers that do wedding posts on Wednesdays and do my own. No, I’m not getting married. I’m not even dating. BUT I do want to be a wedding coordinator/planner, I’ve been in a lot of weddings and I’m constantly looking at wedding blogs for ideas for friends and my own photography. Plus, weddings are just fun to look at and talk about. Right?!

Today, I’ll start simple and just share some places around the web that I like to look at for fun and inspiration…

Wedding Websites:

100 Layer Cake


Style Me Pretty

Junebug Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes

Snippet & Ink

Project Wedding Blog

Photographers (just a few):

Wildflowers Photography (probably one of my favorite photographers of all time!)

Our Labor of Love (they shot my brother’s wedding)

Aubrey Joy

bobbi & mike

W. Scott Chester

Suburbanite (one of my classmates I studied abroad with in Italy)

Funny post by A Cup of Jo

What wedding blogs do you follow? Who are your favorite wedding photographers?

Animal Pictures

16 Nov

One of my bosses emailed this to me today. There are so many crazy and funny aminal pictures out there but I think the captions really make these even funnier.

Enjoy 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

Tuesdays with Halie – Day 1: Snickers Cupcakes

15 Nov

Almost every tuesday, I have the pleasure of spending time with my friend Halie. She is a freshman at UGA this year. Its hard to believe that we’ve only known each other for only a year but its true. I’m so grateful to have her in my life. She is loud and crazy but I love her spunk. We have so much fun together and if you’ve ever driven anywhere with us you have probably witnessed our crazy friendship.

We love baking together. So most tuesdays, thats what we do. I’m starting a new frequent installment to my blog that will document my baking adventures with her. They may not always happen on tuesdays due to the crazy inconsistent schedule of college students but the title reminds me of that book Tuesdays with Morrie so I think I’ll stick with it.

Every time we bake, we try to find creative, unique, complicated recipes. Last week, we chose Snickers cupcakes. They were divine. My favorite part was the chocolate cake and i think i might duplicate that cake without the super rich candy filling and caramel frosting.

It was a super fun day in the kitchen. Messy but also high energy complete with a dance party 🙂

key ingredient

our pre-dinner snack while baking

my beautiful, crazy fun baking helper

seriously the best batter EVER!

we were getting a little silly

is it strange that i find freshly baked cupcakes beautiful?

cutting out the centers to fill...and then we devoured the cake we took out. told you it was delicious!

filled with snickers pieces and homemade caramel sauce

icing cupcakes is my favorite part 🙂

😀 happiness

finished product

the caramel was so messy, should have used magic shell...

i went to take a picture of her eating the cupcake but it was gone

Kevin came in town on the right day!

I wish I could claim this recipe as my own but unfortunately it is not. Here’s the recipe.

Sadly, we won’t be baking today, but we are hanging out and I’m sure I’ll have something to share since its always eventful. And we will be this weekend so stay tuned!

New Season, New Style

3 Nov

I got a new haircut 🙂 Well, I basically have real bangs again but this time they aren’t as intense.

Best thing about a haircut = the massage. I got the best head/neck massage when the girl was shampooing my hair.

Worst thing about a haircut = my hair will never look as good as the day they cut and style it. I just can never seem to get it to look the same.


Some other recent things in my life:

– Halloween – this is my house…we do it big:

Grinch and the Whos

– I’m interning with ESP to help them plan the Big Hearts Pageant. Everyone should come out. Its going to be great!

– We’re about to start practicing for Playmakers and I’m stoked!

– Went to the corn maze with my freshman girls 🙂 it was a fun fall friday night for sure!

love these girls!

– I made an A on my communication law test! Huge accomplishment!

– I’m also working with a baker, Katie, to help her with some big events. We decorated this wedding cake and grooms cake together. Here’s her website, Sarah Kates Bakery

- I made Root Beer Float cupcakes with my friend Halieyes, root beer extract does exist

we were really excited

love my pink polka dot liners

filling it with root beer frosting

we get a little silly. i blame the sugar

topped with vanilla frosting (like vanilla ice cream in a float)

finishing touch: hot fudge!

it was delicious 🙂

Posts around the web:

– I want to make these smoothies. I think Amelia is rubbing off on me!

– Want to make these cookies cause I love pomegranate and chocolate, best of both worlds!

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls!!! please and thank you

Why is everything food related?!