One of those weeks…

25 Oct

Do you ever have a week where you lose track of what day it is, never have time to cook, leave the dishes in the sink, go to bed at 2 am every night (or should i say morning), run around like a crazy person, drink more coffee than is healthy for anyone to drink, and you’d lost your head if it wasn’t connected to the rest of your body?

WELL its one of those weeks for me.

You may be thinking, ‘well, it can’t be that crazy if you have time to blog which may I point out you haven’t done in weeks…’ I know, I know. I haven’t been very consistent. And I shouldn’t admit this right now but the only reason I have time to type this is because my teacher is very boring and has gone off on a tangent that doesn’t even remotely relate to what we’re learning (what does the unemployment rate and the upcoming election have to do with sports?!). So I turned to blog writing.

For some reason, all my teachers think its ok to have all their tests and assignments all in the same week. Its really just cruel. I’m having a hard time managing my time right so that I’ll be prepared for all my tests, and write my paper on time, and I’ve been strangely ADD and having a hard time focusing on thing at a time. Like a normal girl, my mind moves a mile and minute and its been even worse this week. I keep having the desire to go search for event planning internships instead of learning about defamation and privacy law cases. I think I’m just overwhelmed by all the work I need to do and avoiding it. But no worries, I have been studying diligently. I’m just at that point where I’ve been studying for SO long that I want the test to be here and just get it over with.

On the upside, tomorrow is our Halloween party and I’m really excited for my costume and to share it with all of you. I had a photography gig on Sunday. I shot some family/Christmas pictures for a family here in Athens who have an absolutely adorable 9-month-old baby named Cooper. And as of 1:45 pm on Thursday, I will be on fall break and won’t think about class for a whole 3.5 days. On Friday, I’m going to the beautiful Dahlonega with one of my closest friends, Amelia, to go wine-tasting and then enjoying a nice relaxing weekend at my dad’s house. I have lots of pictures to catch you all up on, photo shoots and such, so hopefully during my down time this weekend I’ll find some motivation to blog. If I can find sometime in between drinking wine and cheering on the Bulldawgs towards a much needed victory against the Gators on Saturday 🙂

Enjoy the fall!


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