My Summer Family

20 Sep

It was pointed out to me after my last post that I had a huge deficit in describing my summer. I forgot to mention my summer family. oops….

So to make up for it I’m going to share about them 🙂

We had an AMAZING full time staff at camp this year. I really am so blessed to have been able to spend so much time with these people.

This was the picture from our banquet. This was the only time we dressed up and looked so fancy. It was fun.

It would take too much time to go through individually and talk about all these people and I would probably forget something. But I’m so grateful for getting so close to all of them. Kathie and I took pictures together and worked closely on documenting the memories of camp and getting the photos and videos distributed to the kids.

I was able to work closely with my sister 🙂 so closely in fact, we actually shared a room. For the first time since I was like 5. Definitely made for an interesting summer but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to build our relationship to an even deeper level. I feel like we have more of an adult relationship. I now rely on her for so much advice in my life and I really miss her so much. She’s just wonderful.

We all worked hard together every day but occasionally we took time off and had fun too. My favorite was the dance parties and shaving cream fights.

Camp dance parties are the best!!!! I don't know why I look like such a creeper...


After 🙂

We had a post-teen dance party photoshoot

I will forever owe camp for my new found friendship with Jessica Fridley. She is a gem 🙂 Really though she is wonderful. When we first got back to Athens, it was hard to go a day without seeing her or talking to her. She helps me so much in life and in my walk with God. I admire and look up to her so much. And we also just have so much fun together 🙂

Heres some more random pics from our summer together:

From our CPR training...

Working on projects with Jon was always fun.


Christmas in July

Mistletoe: side hugs only!

Thanks for a GREAT summer!!! Y’all are wonderful!






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