My Summer Wish List

23 May

– wedges: i need to stop borrowing my roommates’; maybe some like these (too bad target never has the ones I want in the store)

– cute ivory flats for a wedding (see previous post)

– nice looking sandals to wear with dresses (mine are really worn from walking around in Italy last summer)

– peep toe heels

^if you couldn’t tell I’ve become quite obsessed with shoes lately 😉

– a skinny brown belt

– camera equipment: won’t happen til I get paid at the end of the summer, if even then. but a girl can dream right?! (thats what a WISH list is, doesn’t have to be practical)

–  less anxiety over what to wear at all the weddings I have to go to!

– the perfect bag that is versatile for my traveling and camp adventures > i don’t think this even exists! but i did just get a cute new purse from Peggy from London that I’m already obsessed with!

– another book series to read on all the flights I have to take 🙂 since i will finish The Hunger Games before I leave Athens on Weds morn.

– my biggest summer wish was fulfilled through the amazing job I got for the summer, pray that everything goes smoothly!


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