Summertime Bliss

19 May

I love summertime. Summer to me means sleeping in and spending time with friends. This week has consisted of re-painting our house, working a few hours here and there, playing the Wii, and reading. lots and lots of reading. My sister introduced me to The Hunger Games series. Have you read it? I’m obsessed. I can’t put it down. I finished the second book at 1 am and had to pick up the third book. My two obsessions are that and listening to Adele. Her songs are like the perfect soundtrack to the series and my life. haha. But if you haven’t read the series, you must. Any other book suggestions for when i finish?

some links for the series and the upcoming movie being made about it:


– meet the cast:,,20419951_20479641,00.html

– didn’t know there was a whole website for it!


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