31 Mar

I have a test in Cognitive Psych tomorrow. So naturally, I’m looking at blogs 🙂 perfect way to procrastinate studying. (Disclaimer: I’m actually getting a lot of studying done and i’m actually learning about how it helps to retain information if you take breaks 🙂 hey if my teacher said so right! ;))

So I found some cool photo shoots and cool things on all the many blogs I follow and thought I would share the with you!

– Love the idea of using historic icons for inspiration for portraits!

– These cupcakes look absolutely divine, I will be making them soon!

– Cool stationary company.

– New photographer I might start following.

Nutella-filled “frenched” tortillas…are you kidding me?! need to have people over for breakfast so i can experiment with these 🙂

– Another recipe I want to try: Thin Mint Pie. Good thing I’m running so much or i’d be in trouble with all these sweets!

April Fools Day food…such a fun idea.

– This might be my favorite family photo shoot of all time! The couple are the photographers for Wildflowers Photography who I am obsessed with! And I just love the idea of having a photo shoot while baking and getting messy, so cute 🙂

I think thats enough for now…time to get back to learning about memory and knowledge, hopefully i have these things when i take my test 😉

Just a pretty picture to remind us that even in this cold, dreary weather, warm weather is on its way and so comes a break from school 🙂


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