Crazy life

30 Mar

My life has been so crazy lately that I forgot it was Wednesday so though it might be short, here’s my weekly post…

1. Studying the Bible with people. Its one of the most encouraging things to be a part of.

2. Dying my hair. Its so much fun. Its scary but exhilarating. And it means that I get to spend time with Candice Broyles, my freshman roommate, because she has almost always dyed my hair for me. I think dying my hair feels like a new start and a new me. Makes me feel like I can start over and do anything.

the first time i dyed my hair, i was freaking out!

3. Amusement Parks. We’re going to UGA Night at Six Flags and I’m quite excited. I love the thrill of roller coasters. We’re all riding out together and wearing fanny packs. It will be epic.

4. My Family. Its parents weekend for my campus ministry and for the first time in three years my parents are coming πŸ™‚ I’m so excited!!! We’re having a devo, going to a baseball game and having a BBQ. I just love family time!

Some family photos:

Family photo shoot in Roswell

at the UGA game

i love my siblings, they've been there through everything

LOVE my daddy, he takes such good care of me πŸ™‚

5. Gilmore Girls. I’m obsessed. No really, ask anyone I know. I own the whole series. And I constantly have it in my dvd player. I’m currently watching season 5. I think its my favorite πŸ™‚


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