No need to worry, thats wasting time…

8 Mar

So its midterms season and therefore my life has been absolutely crazy! I have had some major project or paper due in every class in the past week and a half and I went to Philly this weekend to visit my sister. But amidst all the crazy school work, I’ve had great time with good friends and able to witness a baptism of a girl who is in my bible talk. We also had a party planning meeting for the ICMC on monday and we’re having a Country western carnival type party. Sounds strange but seriously, its going to be insanely awesome! I’m quite excited about it.

In honor of Carly Upton, on of my best friends, who’s birthday was yesterday, I’m finally posting the pictures from the graduation photo shoot I did for her, Alexandra Laing and Alisha Townsend. Enjoy!

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One Response to “No need to worry, thats wasting time…”

  1. Carly March 9, 2011 at 1:54 am #

    No need to wonder what’s been on my mind… It’s YOU. 🙂

    Beautiful pics!! SOO special and memorable. I wouldn’t have wanted them done by ANYONE else.

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