21 May

This is Kelsey & Andrew’s superhero picture. It really made us laugh when we were doing the photo shoot.

This week I’ve been going through a lot of old stuff at my dad’s house. A lot of it was crafts and books and stuff that I made in elementary school. There were two things that I found that reminded me of superheroes. One was a book from one of my classes in which every page was a different kids and we had to write who our special person was. Mine said ‘My special person is Brett because he babysits me.’ I wrote that when I was six. Another was a scrapbook project I had to make in middle school. We were instructed to include a page written about the person in our life who influences us the most. I wrote on mine on my mom.

All of this, combined with the ‘superhero’ picture, got me thinking about how important it is for kids, and really any one no matter what age they are, to have someone that they look up to. For most kids this is their parents or a fictional character of some sort. And I hope that some day I can be a hero for someone and set a great example for them just like my mom and brother did for me.


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